Flowers Family Reunion Association

Criteria For Scholarship Award

Criteria for Scholarship Award

Applicant must be a family member of Flowers Family Reunion Association. Family Tree form completion required.
Applicant must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. High School and/or College Transcripts are required.
Applicant must be enrolled or plan to enroll in College or Graduate School by June, 2020. Proof of enrollment is required.
Applicant must be present at Family Banquet to receive award.
Applicant must complete the scholarship application in its entirety.
Applicant must submit school references.
Applicant must submit a professional photo (e.g. High School graduation photo, or passport photo)

Submission of scholarship application does not guarantee award. Awards are given based on donations received.

All scholarship applications and information must be e-mailed to

Scholarship Fund Donation

Please make a donation to support Flowers Family Reunion Members.
  • Please specify your donation amount. Please note that this donation is not tax-deductible and all funds donated will go directly to scholarship recipients, there are no administrative costs.