Flowers Family Reunion Association

Prayer Request

By requesting prayer, others around the globe have committed to pray with you, and God has already heard your prayer. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact your city connection board representative or that may help.

Dear Flowers Family,

Thank you for your engagement with our online Flowers Family community. The purpose of the prayer wall is to allow users to pray as a family and connect around their prayer needs. Though we know that prayer and conversations sometimes travel away from the immediate topic, we are committed to maintaining an open, welcoming, and fruitful space for prayer for anyone who wishes to participate.

When submitting a prayer please only use first names and for location only state and country. DO NOT give last names or other identifying information. If you are posting to the prayer wall, you are acknowledging that you are over 14 years old and are giving permission to post your prayer on this website.

To that end, we do monitor the comments and will remove posts that contain the following:

  • Hyperlinks, ads, or other spam-like content
  • Copyrighted material that is not owned by the poster or by our Family
  • Content we deem inappropriate, offensive, or demeaning
  • Profanity, accusatory, inflammatory language
  • Comments that present a specific political agenda
  • Offensive or demeaning comments toward other cultures and religions
Thank you for understanding and respecting these guidelines as you contribute to our prayer community on
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